Eros for Him (Pheromones optional)

Eros for Him (Pheromones optional)

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10 ML Roll on body fragrance oil 

This scent was made for the passionate and sensual Boss. It has fruity notes of clementine, lemon, iris, grapefruit, tangerine, saffron, jojoba oil, amberwood, mandarin with top notes of jasmine and sheer musk to add sensual allure. Contains Genuine gold flakes and the gold is used to attract prosperity into your life. Perfect for date night and special occasions!

 Pheromones are known for sexual attraction! Pheromones are known to have people extremely attracted to you, not only will the love potion have people swooning over you they will also love how amazing you smell. 

Apply directly onto your skin.

Focus on the pulse points – Perfume oils perform at their peak when they are warm.

Other great spots to apply it are in the crook of your elbows or your knees, in your cleavage, or behind the ears.

Just because you can’t apply perfume directly onto your clothes doesn’t mean you can’t use perfume oil to make your clothes smell as great as your body. Dab a little perfume oil onto a cloth packet or a cotton pad, let it dry, and then put it in your drawer underneath your clothes. Your clothes will smell subtly amazing all day.